Never Left Without
 Saying Goodbye ―― 

Once upon a time, a little girl falls from the sky into an unknown world.
She meets a being named Deemo, who plays the piano with a mysterious power.
Bewildered, the little girl is welcomed into the castle by Deemo and decides to stay.
One day, the little girl comes across a little sapling.
The sapling grows whenever Deemo plays the piano.
Can they grow the tree to the level that allows the little girl to reach the window in the sky and return home?
The little girl will bring back sheet music she finds on her explorations for Deemo to play on the piano to let the tree grow.

From 2D to 3D

A new dimension to
the picture book world brought to life.

Witness the rebirth of DEEMO!
A full 3D remake of the dreamy picture book world of DEEMO.
The PlayStation®4 brings the world of DEEMO to life like never before, inviting the player to experience the story in even more depth!
A new Exploration mode allows the player to solve puzzles and unlock all-new stories.

"The answer to all the questions, shall be Reborn through the sound of the piano."

  • Deemo



  • A little girl

    The little girl

    CVAyana Taketatsu

  • Masked girl

    Masked girl


Music and Exploring

A new way to experience the world of DEEMO
with all-new elements and a deeper story!

DEEMO -Reborn- consists of two Mode; exploring the castle with the little girl, and rhythm games as you play the pieces as Deemo.
Exploring the castle will reveal countless puzzles and switches.
Solving these will reward you with new sheet music, and playing those in turn will widen your options for Exploring.
The music part, one of the best things about DEEMO, offers new playstyles in DEEMO -Reborn-, including difficult songs to learn and play.

  • Exploration Mode

  • Music Mode


Choose between VR Mode or TV Mode
for a wider range of fun!

Deemo -Reborn- also supports PlayStation®VR.
Play the approaching notes with two PlayStation®Move motion controllers.
Experience the story and music of DEEMO like never before!
TV Mode offers an easy way to explore this beautiful world, allowing you to play the new DEEMO with button controls.
DEEMO -Reborn- offers a combination of these two approaches that are fantastic each in its own way!

  • VR Mode

  • TV Mode